Our Story

History of the Yard

Newly refurbished, this family-owned craft bar and café is also full of character and charm, with a rich local history.

Since the 13th century, Plymouth has been involved in victualling. With increased activity in the middle of the 17th century, a new major dockyard was constructed. This addition assisted with the demand of the warships that were positioned to defend the south coast from France.

In the 1820s, a new victualling yard (The Royal William Victualling Yard) commenced construction at Cremyll Point. Completed in the mid-1830s, the yard was then able to supply greater volumes of provisions due to the well-located, accessible and excellent manufacturing facilities. The function of the Yard shifted over time, with the introduction of canned foods and became the centre for distribution of these, naval uniforms and mess utensils. Surviving the First and Second World Wars, the Yard became increasingly multi-functional: acting as both a clothes store and a torpedo maintenance and repair station.

In 1992, The Royal Navy withdrew from the Royal William Victualling Yard and the following year, development began on the Yard we see today. Now, open to locals and tourists as a place to live, work and relax; offering a combination of visitor attractions, cafes, restaurants, shops, homes and office space.

Family-Run Independent Pub

Having returned to the area with our family, we wanted to be part of a community, its history and its future.

We acquired The Vicualling Office Tavern in 2020 and with large renovation plan in our minds dreamt of running an historic pub THE V.O.T and its adjoining accommodation The Vottage. Whilst retaining the history we have updated both and invite you to join us for a drink, some food or to stay.

We aspire to give back to our community and have helped to restore the local area to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy an area of Plymouth we have grown to love. To see our renovation or the progress of our community projects check out our gallery.

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